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Team of Mentors

One of the most attractive aspects of Franchising is having the opportunity to go to a team of mentors. Often times, Franchisee’s are going to need advice, support and have general questions about the business. What separates Franchising from independent businesses, is the fact that Franchisee’s have the option to reach out to the Franchisor anytime they require assistance. With a Franchise, you’re not only getting a team of mentors, you’re getting a team that is in the exact field, exact business and have been exposed to the exact challenges that could arise. Most people purchase a Franchise over an independent business based solely on the fact that they have someone to go to when they need assistance. The most beneficial aspect of support is the fact that the type of support is disclosed before you purchase the Franchise. Included in item 11 of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is the available support provided by the Franchisor. Not only does this contractually guarantee assistance from the Franchisor, it also helps in the due diligence process of selecting your franchise.
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Do You Know How to Read a Financial Statement?

The problem is without that knowledge; it is very hard to understand what to invest their money in. And they MUST invest their money in order to achieve financial success and build assets. No wealthy person is without investments…that is a fact! We understand this is a fundamental part of learning to be a good investor and so we provide a training program to help you grow in this area. Business investing has the biggest rewards of all investments so long as you pick the right businesses. We are here to help educate you. Our goal is to help you become confident in your investment choices. This doesn’t just help in finding a franchise or business to buy. It also helps you to be successful as a business owner. Understanding the number makes all the difference. Call us today for information on the next training. Archives of business trainings are also available upon request.
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New Buyer Benefit: Free CPA Consultation for Your New Franchise

We love doing everything we can to help buyers make the best decisions. When you are successful, we are successful. We recently contracted with a large accounting firm to provide you with one free hour of accounting consultation to evaluate a franchise/business opportunity. The consultation is easy to setup and will help you to understand what is contained within the financial statements of the franchisors/licensors and potentially, the earnings’ of some current buyers of the system. Why is this important? Without money a franchise isn’t going to be able to do the work necessary to keep you happy. We are so excited to offer you this benefit because it means another level of service we can provide to our wonderful buyers. Call us today to schedule your one free hour of accounting consultation!
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Franchising is a Safer Bet!

The success rate of franchised businesses is significantly higher than the success rate of a start up business. Why? Well it boils down to time, money and systems. Franchises usually start out as successful businesses. Then people want to run one of their stores and so they become a franchise in order to allow them to do that. They spend the money to design the brand and more importantly the systems. They create a business that is tested over and over and has a track record of success. If you buy into a good franchise system, you are paying a fraction of the cost for their knowledge and prepackaged experience. This makes your business easy to get started. Most of all it saves you time, frustration and money. It is a brilliant design that is so successful that it is the envy of the world. Franchising is a safer bet no matter how you look at it, if you pick the right franchise system and follow the plan, you are virtually guaranteed to make your dreams come true.
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