Tenet Financial Group

Use Your 401(k) or IRA to Fund Your Business Without Tax or Penalties From the IRS.

If you are starting a home based business or franchise business, buying an existing business, or own a business and need working capital, use a safe, legitimate, proven, non-traditional funding source based on long-standing provisions of the IRS.

The Powerful Advantages Extend Far Beyond the Start-Up Phase of Your Business

  • Secure Funding FAST – Typically within three weeks
  • Gain business equity and an improved cash flow position from the start
  • Accelerate business profitability by managing the amount of debt your new business takes on
  • Set aside tax deductible retirement savings up to $54,000 per year
  • Tax Deferred Exit Strategy Program when it comes time to sell your business
  • Optimize business equity and value

Quick Facts

Tenet Financial Group is a comprehensive Third Party Administration Company with over 65 years of combined experience in Self-Directed 401(k) plan design, installation and administration.

Tenet Financial Group effectively simplifies all aspects of the retirement plan administration process for our franchise or independent business owners. With more automated processes (less human intervention) our systems are more accurate and efficient in managing your retirement plan data.

Along with our systems automation, Tenet Financial Group offers its plan sponsors the most knowledgeable retirement plan administration staff in the industry. As a trusted resource for our plan sponsors, we are no more than a phone call away to consult with you or your CPA about how to maximize the benefits of your Self-Directed retirement program.

Reduce Overhead

Tenet Financial Group’s Transaction Administration Manager (TAM) system provides a web-based interface to us for our clients.

As a franchise or independent business owner, you’re likely pre-occupied with operating your franchise or independent business. The complications of managing multiple retirement plan transactions can be cumbersome and overwhelming.

We’ve simplified the transaction administration process to allow the franchise or independent business owners to quickly and easily upload and track all their retirement plan transactions.

The TAM system allows a franchise or independent business owner to retrieve information on any transaction that has been executed or is pending execution as well as gain access to important detail information pertaining to these transactions.

Why Tenet Financial

Tenet Financial Group is a valuable resource to business owners. We focus on helping our business owners “account for their future” by providing each business owner with personal service and exceptional work. By adhering to that principle, we have grown to become a preferred referral partner to many franchise companies and franchise consultants throughout the United States.

At Tenet Financial Group, we handle all of your Self-Directed 401(k) qualified retirement plan administration needs. From traditional qualified retirement plan accounting services to guidance in tax planning and preparation, Tenet Financial Group is a superior resource for all qualified plan sponsors.