Let FranFund Help Your System Grow.

FranFund has a vast portfolio of funding options available, and our team of professionals will work to find the best capitalization solution for each client.

No one is better connected.

  • Customized funding strategies for those just starting out or looking to add locations
  • Our focus is the franchise industry and small businesses
  • Some of the nation’s most reputable financial partners
  • Able to get you funded in a fraction of the time
  • We do the home work, the leg work and the paper work


A proven capitalization solution available only through FranFund.

How does the FranPlanTM Work?

  • Step 1: Form a Corporation
  • Step 2: Corporation Sponsors a 401(k) Plan
  • Step 3: Rollover to New Qualified 401(k) Plan
  • Step 4: 401(k)Plan Invests in the Corporation

FranPlanTM Safety Net
Accelerate the availability of y our retirement funds by utilizing the Safety Net at no cost and no risk. Ask us how!

FranFund Business Loans
Our lending division creates a comprehensive loan package and utilizes a large network of SBA and conventional lenders to secure funding.
Business Line of Credit
Establish a line of credit in the name of your new or growing business. This is a signature only (no collateral) line of credit based on the personal financial strength of the borrower.
Securities-Backed Financing
Utilize qualified securities (i.e., stocks, bonds, mutual funds, U.S. Treasuries) to obtain a low interest line of credit. Pay interest only on the amount used.