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Start a Professional Medical Billing & Practice Management Consulting Service Now! The Right Opportunity at the Right Time!

It is a fact! The two industries that continue to outperform under the current economic times are IT & Healthcare services. Electronic Medical Billing combines them both! With ClaimTek, the setup fee is low and you’ll have a business of your own that allows you to be the boss, set your own hours, set your own schedule, and earn as much as you want and need while keeping overhead costs to a minimum.

Doctors are in desperate need of accurate claims processing to restore their cash flow. What’s more, they are willing to pay well for it! In fact, they’re happy to pay for it!! As an electronic medical billing professional, you will be in high demand. It doesn’t take long for good claims processors to have more business than they can handle through doctor referrals alone.

Let’s explain why medical billing is a booming business, with loads of opportunity and rewards if you work hard and learn the industry. ClaimTek provides you with the vital elements to get started in this business on the right track: Advanced Software, Personal Training, Effective Marketing and Ongoing Support.

Some of the benefits of starting a medical billing business:

  • Healthcare is a Booming Industry.
  • Doctors are Increasingly Outsourcing.
  • Interesting and Respected Career.
  • Highly Profitable and Recession Proof.
  • Affordable Start-up Cost for a New Business.
  • Low Cost to Operate & Maintain.
  • Work Day or Night with Flexible Hours.
  • No Experience Necessary!
  • Operate Locally or Remotely from Anywhere!
  • Start Part-Time or Full-Time.
  • No Territories.

Here’s why the medical billing industry offers a great opportunity to those who are willing to study and learn the operation of this business:

1. The number of doctors in the U.S. is large but the demand is even larger. According to the Federation of State Medical Boards’ publication, A  census of Actively Licensed Physicians in the U.S., 2014 Edition, there are currently 916,264 physicians in the U.S. Our census data demonstrates the total population of licensed physicians has increased by 4% since 2012, and the nation, on average, added 12,168 more licensed physicians annually than it lost. This number is actually over one million as there are other types of healthcare providers for whom you can do billing: dentists, therapists, social service agencies, ambulance companies, durable medical equipment (DME) companies, clinics, and more!

2. America is a large country with more than 322 million people, of which more than 290 million people have some type of health insurance and nearly all will have coverage in the coming years through the Affordable Care Act. Nearly every time one of these 290+ million people sees a doctor, a health insurance claim is generated.

3. A large segment of insured people are baby boomers, they number over 79 million born between 1945 and 1964. A majority of boomers have grown up with health insurance and are used to having insurance pay for their healthcare. As they age, they will demand the best healthcare for themselves. They will visit doctors frequently, generating a never-ending river of claims. Furthermore, they will ALL become insured by Medicare once they turn 65; roughly 4 million are joining the ranks of Medicare each year between 2011 and 2030—that’s 10,000 boomers per day who turn 65. By 2030, one in five Americans will be over the age of 65, flooding our healthcare system with increased doctors’ appointments, medical tests, and the need for durable medical equipment.

4. The insurance industry is complex, confusing, and ever-changing. In the US, there are literally hundreds of  health insurance companies, each offering several types of insurance plans. This translates into roughly two   thousand insurance plans of one kind or another. Each insurance company has its own type of insurance plan, its own fee schedules, its own reimbursement policies, etc. It is chaotic and confusing for doctors to keep up with.

Most doctors’ offices cannot keep up with the record-keeping and constant change of regulations and fee schedules. Eventually, many of them decide to outsource their claims to a specialized billing service like yours.

Our system provides full revenue cycle management automation to consistently maximize reimbursements for doctors, taking human error out of the equation. This allows for maximization of reimbursements every time.

If you like to deal with professional clientele like healthcare providers and enjoy solving problems, you can build a rewarding business in medical billing like no other! ClaimTek has the right building-blocks for you like no other company does. The fees to get started are relatively low and your income potential is high. The flexibility and stability that this business can bring to your life are priceless!

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Average Investment: $30000 - $60000

Minimum Investment: $24995 - $49995

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Min. Liquidity: 25000

Years in Business: 1993

Open Units: 1100

In-House Financing: Yes

Lead Assist: Yes

Coaching: Yes

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